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Civil Air Patrol Uniforms

Civil Air Patrol members wear United States Air Force-style uniforms. Currently, cadets and senior members two primary uniforms are the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) and the Dress Blue Uniform

Vanguard is Civil Air Patrol's partner for uniform purchases. Cadets must first obtain a utility (camouflage) uniform as soon as possible when joining. The Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) may continue to be worn until the mandatory phase-out date of 15 June 2021. After then, all must wear the Air Force approved Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). The approximate cost is $170 for one uniform, not including proper boots.

Upon completing Achievement 1, CAP provides cadets with a Curry Blues Voucher for the dress “blues” uniform. The approximate cost is $170, less a $100 voucher.

Donating Uniforms

If you are a CAP or USAF (former or current) cadet/member with new or lightly used uniforms/accessories/shoes please consider donating them to the squadron to aid a cadet/senior member in following the uniform code. Each cadet/senior member spends, on average, $300 for uniforms. This is a significant cost and uniform donations will help those that are not able to afford this.  

When a cadet outgrows a uniform or leaves CAP, we ask families to turn those items into the squadron so other cadets might use them.

Please contact us if you have uniform donations to give to the squadron. If you are interested in supporting cadets/members obtain uniforms, you may consider a monetary donation specifically to the squadron in the interest of donating uniforms to those in most financial need.

We thank you for your support of Squadron 236.

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