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Monetary Donations

Monetary Giving to Thunderbirds Squadron

As a non-profit organization, our squadron relies on donations to continue to be able to maintain and exceed our goals as we serve our three missions of Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs. Please read more on our squadron's funding dispersion and how to donate. we appreciate your consideration and if you have any questions on giving please contact us.

Funding Dispersion

Below is a general description of what our current funding areas of need are. Please note: if you are considering donating to the squadron, you may request what your donation goes to specifically, otherwise it will be applied to the squadron’s greatest area of need. 


When cadets join the organization they are required to purchase official Civil Air Patrol uniform(s). On average, the cost of one uniform is $200. For many, this is not affordable and our goal is to never make this impede one’s success in becoming a Civil Air Patrol Cadet.

Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education materials needed for cadets vary based on activity. Yearly, we build and launch model rockets which average $25 per rocket. Currently, our squadron is focused on incorporating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) education into our programs which is our current most challenging project. This project is our most costly as UAS are newly incorporated into CAP's mission tactics. 

Emergency Services

As a squadron, we are working towards having numerous members qualified to participate in emergency services exercises as we already have a handful ready. Each member must be equipped with a go-pack. Each go-pack is comprised of equipment worth over $200. 

How to Donate

If you would like to donate now to Thunderbird Squadron 236 there are a few ways you can do so.

  1. Online via Credit/PayPal. Go to our national website here. In the form, under “Donor Note”, please note that you would like your donation to go to Thunderbird Squadron 236. If not noted, the funding will be appropriated to our headquarters.

  2. Check via Mail. You may write a check out to Civil Air Patrol and please email 236th.squadron@gmail.com for details on where to send the check to or where you can deliver to in-person, if requested.

  3. Cash via Mail. Please email 236th.squadron@gmail.com for details on where to send money to or where you can deliver to in-person, if requested.


*Donors can deduct contributions made as provided in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170 as Civil Air Patrol is a non-profit under tax-exemption code 501(c)(3)

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